We have been blessed with an abundance of modern technological advances that allow us to stay in touch with family, friends and customers via the internet. They enable us to purchase products and transact business from anywhere in the world virtually any time of the day. A great convenience, but it has led to a faceless, voiceless method of communication.

When was the last time you visited a customer in person and sat down to have a real conversation about something other than business?

This summer we took a trip from our office in northern New Jersey to Long Island, New York to visit one of our long time customers. During a tour of the facility we had the pleasure of meeting a number of wonderful people who use our printed products and got feedback on the quality. The comments were positive, I’m happy to say. They also shared family stories and talked about life in Long Island. We learned that the employees of this company are deeply involved in the local community supporting a number of charities. There is a huge bulletin board in the entrance hallway where upcoming charitable events are posted. In addition to charitable events there are family announcements and celebrations, thank you cards and baby pictures on the board for all to see. It was a positive and uplifting visit. Will this visit lead to more business? Maybe, but the most important value of this visit was the “real” face time.