Gerald & Vivian Vinci - Owners of Acu-Data Business Products Inc.

Acu-Data Business Products is a family-owned small business founded by Gerald and Vivian Vinci in 1978.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Gerald and Vivian offer a personalized, one-on-one approach to providing print and promotional product solutions to thousands of customers nationwide.

Gerald and Vivian believe in giving back to their local community and have both been instrumental in helping The Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce, their regional chamber of commerce, grow and flourish for the last 40 years. Gerald has also served as president of the Chamber for 20 years and as a councilman for The Borough of Bloomingdale NJ.

Acu-Data has also been helping numerous Passaic and Morris County municipalities and organizations with a variety of printing needs, such as:

  • Bloomingdale Police Department
  • Bloomingdale Public Library
  • Butler Board of Education
  • Butler Fire Department
  • Butler Police Department
  • Kinnelon Board of Education
  • Kinnelon Public Library
  • Kinnelon Public Schools
  • The Borough of Bloomingdale
  • The Borough of Riverdale
  • Tri-Boro Chamber of Commerce
  • Tri-Boro First Aid Squad
  • as well as local churches and charitable organizations

Printing today is all about specialization

Large print houses used to rule the market. Today, technology has changed the landscape of printing and the needs of most customers. Customers need a problem solver, more than just a print vendor. Most manufacturers deal in quantity rather than efficiency and leave much to be desired regarding customer service.

Working with a single manufacturer can create a real challenge when looking for certain types of printing solutions, especially for small businesses or smaller printing projects.

Customers Need Versatility, Reliability, and Transparency

Why Versatility?

Being a small-business with a massive array of printing and promotional product resources at our fingertips, we have created a network of reliable vendors to provide the best solution possible within budget. No matter the complexity or unique challenges of your project, we can create the right solution to meet your needs.

Why Reliability?

We invest a great deal of time to thoroughly understanding your needs upfront. You need a print vendor who is willing to take the initiative in finding the best solution for your project. Building relationships on trust and delivering on our promise to help customers save time and money without sacrificing quality is a standard we stand by proudly.

Why Transparency?

We are not in business to simply deliver products. We are in business to provide print and promotional product solutions. Our straightforward approach to pricing and product recommendations helps customers understand the costs and options available to them. We believe in developing print solutions that benefit our customers most, not our bottom line.

Core Values

To us, “more than just paper and ink” means standing for more than just the final product we deliver. Our final product reflects the values we uphold to our customers, ourselves, and our print solutions.