Having a business card on hand at all times is one of the most effective marketing tactics you can employ. Not only do business cards increase the awareness of your company, but they also provide pertinent contact information to existing and prospect customers. When was the last time you took a good look at your own business card? Is the content displayed on it even relevant to the services you provide today? If it’s been awhile since you updated your card, then the new year is a perfect time to start handing out a new one. Here’s a close look at how you should go about evaluating and updating your business card.

Taking a look at your current card

When you look at your current business card, does it look cluttered? If so, this means there is too much content on it, or perhaps too many graphics. You don’t want your card to look cluttered because it draws away from the important information you want people to view. What about the colors? Do they clash? Do they help draw attention to the words you want people to look at? The graphics, content, and colors of your card must complement one another. If they don’t, you need to change them. Remember, the key to an attractive business card is to keep it simple. Too many words or graphics will only lessen its effectiveness.

What about the content?

Have you moved addresses or changed your phone number? If so, then there is a good chance the contact information on your old business card is not up-to-date, and if this is the case, you definitely need to contact a professional printing company to print you off new cards with updated information. There are three key pieces of contact information that you will want your card to display:

1) phone number

2) business postal address

3) email address

By adding these pieces of contact information to your business card, you are providing your customers with several convenient ways to get in touch with you. If any of these pieces of information were to change, you will need to update your business card and distribute them accordingly; this is why it is so important to try and stick with the same contact information.

The do’s and don’ts of a quality business card

You don’t want to look like an amateur when it comes to your business card, so make sure to follow these do’s and don’ts.


  • Let a professional graphics company design any graphics for you
  • Use easy-to-read font
  • Use a minimal amount of content
  • Make sure the back is uncoated so additional information can be written down by your customers


  • Use an oversized card or one that is oddly shaped; you want the card to fit in a standard cardholder (3.5″ x 2″)
  • Use cheap card paper
  • Ever leave home without your cards; take them everywhere and be ready to hand them out

When you team up with a professional printing company, make sure you give them a copy of your company logo as this will be pertinent to your business card. If you don’t currently have a company logo, you will need to have a graphic designer create one for you. Remember, your logo is the face of your business, so keep it simple and attractive while customizing it to reflect the standards and values of your company.

Final Thoughts

Your business card is like your storefront. Many times, it is the first type of introduction that prospect customers will have with your company, meaning your card must leave a positive first impression. By following the do’s and don’ts of business cards that were mentioned above, you can rest assured your cards will attract customers.

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