Looking for a way to spread your promotional message to a better audience and actually save money in the process?

The U.S. Postal Service delivered some good news back in 2011 when it introduced a new service called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). However, still in 2016 many small businesses have yet to tap into this powerful and cost-effective marketing and advertising tool!

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?


EDDM is an easy to use and affordable way to use direct mail promotions without the need to use names and addresses. Not only does this method save you money by not having to buy lists or reformatting your materials for use as direct mail, but you only need to identify the target areas for your mailing. You simply go online to the EDDM website and identify the neighborhoods, cities, and ZIP codes you want to cover with your marketing piece.

With the EDDM program, virtually any business can market to local consumers at significant savings of both money and time. At the same time, these businesses can use direct mail methods to target new prospects specifically and increase their exposure as a result.

As anyone who owns or is responsible for managing Northern New Jersey small businesses knows, marketing campaigns that are effective can be very difficult to create and carry out. Local printing professionals can be of invaluable help. With their marketing skills and experience at using EDDM customers can quickly optimize their direct mail campaigns, ensuring the highest possible return on their investment. Professionals deliver better return on investment (ROI) due to the fact that in addition to their commercial printing services they also help you develop an effective promotional message that will drive customers to your business.

eddm-screenshotUSPS Makes Planning Your EDDM Campaign a Breeze

By using specialized online software available from the USPS, you can easily determine where you want to target your direct mail campaign geographically. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you can plan your route and the number of recipients, set your budget, and get an accurate postage cost down to the penny.

Why is EDDM a Better Option Over Traditional Direct Mail?

EDDM gives you the most efficient method possible to deliver your promotional message. With EDDM, your advertising message is delivered directly into the hands of your potential customers, while also significantly reducing the costs of preparation and delivery, including the need to purchase or otherwise prepare a mailing list and having to affix an individual address to each piece. The result of this is to build more traffic, find new customers, and increase revenue, all for less time and money.

More Prospects for Less


In the past, a postcard mailing would require that you purchase a permit that could cost you as much as $450, just to open an account with the USPS. With EDDM, this fee is waived. EDDM also saves you the expense of having to purchase a mailing list. You also don’t need to purchase the services of a direct mail service. You just have your commercial printer put the words “Postal Customer” on all of your printed pieces, and this allows the USPS to deliver them to all of the postal customers in the areas you select.

With EDDM, there is no need to purchase an expensive mailing list or a permit from the USPS. This will save you hundreds of dollars on your direct mail campaign while at the same time increasing the effectiveness of your efforts by sending each of your mailers directly to your target markets. That’s a considerable cost savings to you as well as being able to pinpoint the delivery of your message. EDDM is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your buying public created to date.

For example, businesses such as home cleaning or repair services can target the very best neighborhoods or streets in their service areas which can deliver huge revenue potential.

We Make Every Door Direct Mail Easy

Acu-Data is already equipped to integrate your marketing pieces fully into the EDDM process. Acu-Data can handle everything for you, from concept to design, to printing and make-ready for delivery to the local post office. There are certain guidelines that the USPS requires are followed, but Acu-Data is already set up for all of this. Just leave it to us. With our printing and marketing services, we are the entire turn-key solution to your marketing efforts. We can handle everything for you, start to finish.

More Responses for Less

Effective promotion of your business comes down to return on investment. In other words, you need to reach as many qualified customers as you can for as low a cost as possible. With EDDM, you can mail your 6.25”x 9” up to 10”x 15”, all for the same low price. This flexibility gives you the option to mail larger pieces at the same price that you used to pay for smaller pieces.

Who Benefits from EDDM Most?

Any business can benefit by using Every Door Direct Mail, which is especially true for small businesses who often do not enjoy the discounts that are available to larger businesses. Large companies print in mass quantity or do such large volumes of advertising that the cost per campaign can be far less. Small businesses also benefit from utilizing EDDM specifically to target residential routes or a string of B2B prospects without wasting thousands of dollars in postage and large print orders.

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